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Daga proposes window renovations that improve aesthetics, comfort and reducing noticeably heating costs.   Thanks to a precise and sophisticated calculation software, which takes into account the parameters of the house, we can quantify the actual cost savings that you will benefit from replacing your window. In this way, your purchase will turn into a financial investment with a real economic return over time.    In addition to improving the quality of life inside of your homes, you can efficiently monetize your investment. Ask for free to one of our consultants for your personalised prospects able to specifically quantify the outcome of the intervention you planned for your home.

Customized Services
PVC Windows

To offer its clients the very best, DAGA proposes ideas and specific solutions. To achieve an excellent result, it is necessary that each intervention is to be calibrated according to the real needs of our customers and the various situations that might arise from time to time.



We carry out surveying and offer free quotes in order to offer customized products.

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