PVC is state-of-the-art plastic material with properties that are particularly suitable for the production of windows. It is extremely functional in thermal and acoustic insulation, in addition to being very sturdy and durable.


Soundproofing is a crucial factor for our well-being: a noisy environment affects the quality of life and can lead to sleep disorders and lack of concentration preventing our complete relaxation.


PVC windows are resistant to falling rain and air leakages, also in case of heavy thunderstorms.

Thermal Insultaion

Thermal insulation describes the ability of the window or door to prevent a heat exchange between two environments with different temperatures.

65% Recovery

The replacement of windows including front doors delimiting the heated volume of an existing building towards the exterior o not heated rooms can benefit from a deduction on energy savings (65%).


Here below are shown some of our most significant installations, where the quality and appearance of our window and doors have perfectly adapted to the style and the needs of our individual customers.

Customized Services
PVC Windows

To offer its clients the very best, DAGA proposes ideas and specific solutions. To achieve an excellent result, it is necessary that each intervention is to be calibrated according to the real needs of our customers and the various situations that might arise from time to time.



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